Christoph Nakazawa

Hello there! I’m an Engineering Manager at Stripe living in Tokyo with my wife and two daughters.

Originally from Austria, I've been building video games and social networks since 2002. I spent the 2010s at Facebook in Menlo Park and London managing JavaScript Infrastructure and the React Native team. I built Jest, Metro, Yarn, and MooTools.

I write about Frontend Development, Engineering Management, Leadership, User Experience, and more. Check out my pinned post or jump into the category that’s most exciting to you:

Fastest Frontend Tooling in 2023

I tried tons of frontend tools this year in my pursuit to optimize my Developer Experience. I published an incredibly fast minimal template with sensible defaults which you can use to quickly spin up new projects: cpojer/vite-ts-react-tailwind-template.

This is not a does-it-all starter kit. The template comes with the essential tools for frontend development with minimal sensible defaults to make it easy to use, quick to get started, and adaptable to any frameworks on top. It is tuned for performance, not just in terms of actual speed, but also to maximize the time you stay focused while writing code to increase how quickly you can ship.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


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