Christoph Nakazawa

Hello there! I’m the CEO of Nakazawa Tech and I live in Tokyo with my wife and two daughters. I’m currently building Athena Crisis.

Originally from Austria, I’ve been creating video games and social networks since 2002. I spent the 2010s at Facebook in Menlo Park and London managing JavaScript Infrastructure and the React Native team. I built Jest, Metro, Yarn, and MooTools.

I write about Frontend Development, Engineering Management, Leadership, User Experience, and more. If you want to support this work, please consider a GitHub sponsorship.

Athena Crisis

Athena Crisis is now Open Source

Today we’re open-sourcing the code of Athena Crisis under the MIT License, and together with Polar we’re funding $10,000 worth of improvements towards the game!

Athena Crisis is an example of how to build a high-quality video game using only JavaScript, React, and CSS. By open-sourcing Athena Crisis, we are following through on our commitment to open source our core technology and help push the Web forward as a game development platform.

You can try a demo at You’ll still need to buy Athena Crisis to play the campaign and experience all of Athena Crisis – the art, music, and other content aren’t open source.

Fans of the game can offer their improvements, build additional tools for the game, study the code or make their own JavaScript-based web game. To help kickstart contributions, Nakazawa Tech is funding $5,000 worth of open source contributions. Polar is matching this amount for an initial total of $10,000. Check out all the contribution opportunities and bounties on Polar which include building new features, a competition to build the best AI, and experiments with new renderers.

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